My Birding Patch

My Birding Patch

My birding patch where I do most of my photography is in two parts, my garden and the area surrounding the house which is about a 500m circle centered on my home.

My garden has a mixed habitat with one large mature tree being the prominent feature. Bird friendly fruiting trees and flowering shrubs that attract a manner of small birds have also be incorporated into the garden design. The house and garden cover about 1200 sq m.

On the wider patch there are two small lakes and an area of woodland with some mature trees. There are also a couple of vacant decent sized plots where the grass is cut.

Bird Photography on my Patch

As I said above I consider myself a novice bird photographer who still has a lot to learn. However I should mention that when designing the house I included two areas ideal for photography both are on the second floor and give good views of the garden and surrounding areas as well as providing an  excellent platform for birds in flight photography.

Birds I Record on my Patch

About 90% of the birds I record on my patch are observed and photographed from the house, this of course includes flyovers. Little did I know that when I built the house that the plot I had chosen was near the Northern Flyway for raptor migration in Thailand. So any time from September onward I usually get to see some raptor activity, weather permitting.

The garden plays host to several smaller migratory birds in the winter. While the lakes provide a home for migratory water birds on a regular basis in the summer.

At other times the patch offers up the common Thai birds you would expect in this habitat with the occasional interesting patch vagrant turning up.

My patch total for 2017 was 102 species.

Thai Birding Pals

I am a Thailand based BirdingPal. If you would like to visit my patch for a day birding/photographing birds with me please use the form to make initial contact. Please note that BirdingPal, of which I am a member, makes an annual $10 charge for membership, you have to pay this fee to contact me. My services are free and I receive no payments from the BirdingPal organisation.