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Siamese Fireback National Bird of Thailand

The Siamese Fireback(Lophura diardi) also sometimes refereed to as Diards Fireback is the National Bird of Thailand. The bird is a fairly large pheasant with the male and female exhibiting different plumage. It is a […]

Birding Day Trips

Birding Day Trips Phetchabun Province Thailand

 Birding Day Trips   How would you like a birding day trip to one of several National Parks in Phetchabun Province Thailand in company with me your English speaking  companion/pal? If the answer is yes […]

a small accipiter a winter migrant to Thailand
Bird Photography Tips

Bird Photography Tips

I started taking bird photography seriously about two years ago. I would like to think that in that time my images have improved. Here are a few bird photography tips that I have learned that […]

a male red junglefowl in Thailand
Birding Trips to Thailand

Independent Birding Trip to Thailand.

Independent Birding Trip to Thailand In part one of this guide to planning an independent birding trip to Thailand you will find some information to help you make up your mind on whether it might […]