Black Baza Birds of Thailand
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Thailand Raptor Migration 2019

This is a record of the  Thailand Raptor Migration for 2019 as observed from my home in Na Ngua,  Phetchabun, Northern Thailand between early September and the end of November. Fortunately my home is located […]

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Thailand Migrant Birds Autumn 2019

This is a record of the Migrant Birds(non-raptor) observed from my home in Na Ngua,  Phetchabun, Lower Northern Thailand for Autumn 2019. Migrants usually start arriving in early September. All the birds featured here have […]

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Rainy Season Birding in Upper Thailand

Rainy season birding in Upper Thailand on my small patch can still be rewarding even if conditions are often poor for both observations and photography. There are in fact a few pluses to  birding at […]

a black and white bird from thailand
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Top Birds for Thailand

Most birders who visit Thailand have a wish list of top birds they would like to see.  I too have a few birds that I would really like to see and photograph. However I seldom […]