This is about the camera gear I use to produce the images on this blog. As I have said elsewhere I am not an expert photographer but I enjoy my hobby and I am always willing to learn and develop new techniques.

I use Canon gear and have two crop sensor bodies, the EOS 7D MkII and the EOS 80D.

My main birding lens is the Canon 400mm f5.6, an unstabilised lens that has been around for a few years. That said the image quality of this lens is excellent and when married to one of my camera bodies gives an impressive 640mm of reach.

I consider it excellent for birds in flight and providing there is enough light very good for stationary subjects too.

I have recently(Dec 2018) added a 2nd hand Canon 300mm L f4 IS lens to my gear, hoping that this will help image birds in difficult dark places.

Most of the pictures shown here are handheld shots but I do own a QZSD carbon fiber tripod and a Gimbal head made by the same Chinese company. Both are extremely good quality were obtainedat a very reasonable price.

I shot in RAW + Jpeg format and use Lightroom Classic CC to process my work.