Birding Day Trips

Birding Day Trips Phetchabun Province Thailand

 Birding Day Trips   How would you like a birding day trip to one of several National Parks in Phetchabun Province Thailand in company with me your English speaking  companion/pal? If the answer is yes […]

a black and white bird from thailand
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Top Birds for Thailand

Most birders who visit Thailand have a wish list of top birds they would like to see.  I too have a few birds that I would really like to see and photograph. However I seldom […]

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Siamese Fireback National Bird of Thailand

The Siamese Fireback(Lophura diardi) also sometimes refereed to as Diards Fireback is the National Bird of Thailand. The bird is a fairly large pheasant with the male and female exhibiting different plumage. It is a […]