Birding Day Trips Phetchabun Province Thailand

 Birding Day Trips


How would you like a birding day trip to one of several National Parks in Phetchabun Province Thailand in company with me your English speaking  companion/pal?

If the answer is yes and you are an independent person who is comfortable travelling around Thailand away from the tourist areas then this could be for you.

There are no charges for a birding day trip, other than your entrance fee to a national park, since you will just be accompanying me on an already planned visit.

Just let me know when you intend to be in Thailand and I will get back to you with details of the trips I have planned around that time.

Due to the start location being Phetchabun(city) this offer is really only open to people who are travelling independently by private car.

Please read the blog section of this site for more details of the National Parks I visit and the species I see there.

The best time for birding/photography in Phetchabun is from November to the end of March, although if you are in Thailand outside those dates you could always contact me and see if I fancy a run out.

In the 2019/2020 season I plan to visit Tat Mok NP at least once a week and Nam Nao NP at least once a month probably staying overnight in a bungalow on site. I usually avoid weekends and public holidays as the parks can get quite busy.

Here are a couple of quotes from visiting birders:

David from the USA: Just wanted to say thanks again for 2 great days birding Tat Mok National Park. I never expected to meet up wth a local birder in Phetchabun. Those 2 days have been the highlight of my trip. So many good birds. This National Park is a hidden gem, so amazingly beautiful. Thanks again

Best regards, David

Francois from France: I personally chose to stay 3 days at Nam Nao because it was not far from one of our stops (Khon Kaen). It’s a great place with lots of subjects to shoot and comfortable accommodations. At Nam Nao, birding is definitely one of the best photo topic to plan to (APS-C/200mm+ or FF/400mm+ is a must, having a macro lens is not a waste of room in your luggage either as there are tons of insects and butterflies to shoot there too).

I stayed in the park right before the rainy season in June and had a great time, thanks to Mike a local birder who joined me for a couple of days.


Finally please use this contact form to express an interest in joining me on one or more of my birding day trips in Phetchabun Province Thailand.