Trip Report-Nam Nao NP Phetchabun Thailand

A colourful red billed blue Magpie found in thailand
Nam Nao NP

This trip report covers my second visit to Nam Nao NP, Phetchabun Thailand of the current cool season.

I arrived at the park at 8.30am on the 18th December 2018 and headed down to the campground area. The weather was beautiful, clear blue skies and cool season temperatures in the range 16-24C during the day.

The open areas, where I usually do my bird photography, were  busy with lots of tents in evidence and few birds, although I was rewarded with some close-up views of a Grey-headed Woodpecker that was foraging on the ground near where I parked.

As is standard for me at Nam Nao,  I kitted myself out with leech socks, but did not encounter any of the critters, however I did not venture out on any of the dark wet trails.

Overall it was a poor days birding in the open areas probably because of the amount of people around. Nonetheless I did manage to photograph most of the common species that are to be found in the area.

The only new species I recorded was a pair of Puff-throated Bulbuls feeding on a fruiting tree.

On my way out of the park I took a look along the entrance road although I found nothing of interest, apart from large piles of elephant poop!

You can read my E-bird checklist here