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the national bird of Thailand is this beautiful pheasant
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Birding Trip Reports June 2019 Phetchabun Thailand

I normally do not plan any birding trips in June since the weather is very unpredictable with a good chance of rain and thunder. However this year, with some very unseasonable and not unpleasant weather, […]

Tat Mok national park Phetchabun
Tat Mok Review

Tat Mok National Park Phetchabun Thailand

Tat Mok National Park, is located at the northern end of Phetchabun province. It is one of the lesser known national parks in Thailand and gets few visitors. Those who do visit are mostly locals […]

Nam Nao Review

Nam Nao National Park Phetchabun Thailand

Nam Nao National Park, Phetchabun, Thailand is a good location for birding and bird photography. The area of public access comprises of a montane ecosystem with mixed forests including areas of pines. It can get […]

Birding Day Trips

Birding Day Trips Phetchabun Province Thailand

 Birding Day Trips   How would you like a day trip birding in one of several National Parks in Phetchabun Province Thailand in company with me your English speaking host in a comfortable SUV? If […]

A small accipiter species that migrates through Thailand in the autumn
Raptor Migration

Thailand Raptor Migration Autumn 2018

This is a record of the  Thailand Raptor Migration for 2018 as observed from my home in Na Ngua,  Phetchabun, Northern Thailand between early September and the end of November. Fortunately my home located at16.536465, […]